The "Anti-Fanny Pack"

The original patented zipper on waist/hip wrap that features a 7 inch zipper pocket in the front and a full panel in the back to carry all of your personal belongings. Great for working out, running errands, traveling, a night on the town, to going to any sporting or concert event where you can no longer bring a purse or backpack! Fusion Wrap also provides a fashionable way for those with asthma, diabetes or allergies to carry their lifesaving medications at all times. The zipper on design makes this product user friendly for all. It's a fashion statement if you want to wear it and get the layered T-Shirt look or it can blend into what you're wearing. The added benefit is security. No need to worry about getting pick-pocketed, as nobody would think you're wearing your belongings around your hips/waist! Also great for tweens and teens. No more dropping their lunch money or phones. Made of the highest quality stretch fabric that is micropoly and spandex. Fabric is moisture wicking and antimicrobial. You'll want one in every color and print!