Fusion Belts has fused fashion and function for anytime and anywhere you want to be hands free!

Going on vacation? Always hassling to find your passports and boarding passes No fear, Fusion Belts can carry up to 6 passports in just ONE pocket! Going to the theme park? Tired of putting your phone and other valuables in lockers which only adds to the already insane wait time for the rides? No problem, Fusion Belts is your solution! Ride without fear of your phone or other valuables flying out of your pockets as they are securely stored in the two zippered pockets!

Have a new baby and always missing phone calls because you have to rummage through your huge diaper bag to find your phone? Just keep your phone and other things your need easy access to right in your Fusion Belt! Many postpartum ladies also love the stretch fabric of the Fusion Belt saying that it helps to "hold them in" after just having a baby!

Going on a cruise and plan on having some drinks? Never lose your purse again as with a Fusion Belt you won't need a purse and can party purse free! Going to a concert or sports event and don't want to put your things in an unflattering clear plastic bag? That's right, Fusion Belts gets into stadiums and concert events and adds style to your outfit or blends in...it's your choice!

Come and try us out and we promise that Fusion Belts will become your "can't leave home without" accessory!