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Batteryless Blinking Lights (4 Colors Available)

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Be safe on your run with our batteryless safety lights. The only battery needed is you!

  • Batteryless safety light. No need for a battery! It gets its power from every step you take while you run, jog, or even dance. It converts your own kinetic energy into electricity.
  • Safety light for runners. Don't worry about rain or bad weather. These lights will work in most weather conditions. Enjoy enhanced visibility and comfort knowing you'll be safe and secure at any time of the day...rain or shine.
  • Ultimate versatility. Whether you enjoy running, jogging, walking, cycling, or having a peaceful stroll with your pets, our batteryless lights are practical accessories for  you - especially at dawn, dusk, night, or rainy days. Greatly improve your chances of being seen in the low-visibility conditions by clipping one or more to your belt, pocket, backpack, helmet, bike, dog's collar, or even your baby's stroller.
  • Long life span. The light-weight design of our lights are built with the highest quality and will work for a long time.