Fusion Fundraising

Go-getter. Hero. Runner.

Meet 10 year old Matteo, the inspiration behind our new Yellow Childhood Cancer FusionBelt and a cape-wearing hero raising money to help kids like himself. 

In partnership with Off The Charts Club, FusionBelts is encouraging our customers to join Matteo in being heroes for children fighting cancer.

Go For The Gold.

Heroes aren’t born, they’re made. Matteo answered the call to become a hero at a young age. 

At just seven years old, Matteo put on his hero cape and began running to raise money for children battling cancer. Now at ten years old, Matteo holds the title of founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Off The Charts Club, a non-profit organization empowering young children with cancer. Through his love of running, Matteo has raised over $60,000 dollars for childhood cancer efforts.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear FusionBelts.

To learn more about Matteo's mission and get involved in the project, visit https://offthechartsclub.org/about-us

To help support Matteo and Off The Charts Club, FusionBelts is donating $7 from every Yellow Belt purchase to the organization. To support the cause, shop the Yellow FusionBelt now